Before you go

In preparation for your trip through Turkmenistan, please bear in mind the following:

  • Bring cash USD bank notes (do not rely on EURO, credit cards or travelers cheques for your local expenses in Turkmenistan; visa, migration tax and vehicle transit costs can be paid in cash USD exclusively)
  • Bring at least 2 recent pass photos for your registration on arrival in Turkmenistan (you do not need these for your visa on arrival procedure)
  • Bring some paper copies of your passport, while our staff takes your original passport for the registration on arrival procedure, that is usually done on the first working day after your first night’s accommodation in a hotel or motel.
  • Bring a mobile phone in order to contact our agency in case of unexpected delays in arriving at the Turkmen border; this way we can also contact you as soon as your LOI scan is waiting in your email inbox. A mobile phone is particularly useful for contact with us from Baku, in case you plan to take the cargo ferry to Turkmenbashi
  • Bring some properly packed print copies of the LOI, to be handed over to the visa authorities at the point where you intend to collect your visa on arrival. Or:
  • Determine several possible locations on your way to Turkmenistan where you can access your email and print the Turkmenistan LOI, prior to your arrival at the land border where you intend to collect your visa and enter Turkmenistan
  • Bring a head torch, flip-flops and a small towel for camp nights. A mirror and/or an inside sleeping sack (thin, silk) is recommended, too.
  • Bring a scarf for accessing local mosques (women)
  • Bring a medium- to long-sleeved shirt and trousers for accessing mosques (for men)
  • Do not bring and wear tank-tops outside hotels (sleeveless shirts are fine)
  • Do not bring and wear shorts outside hotels (knee-long trousers are fine)
  • Bring appropriate (light but sturdy) footwear for travel in mountains, canyons and desert areas
  • Bring your doctor’s prescription for any personal medication that you require and plan to bring with you
  • Bring glasses as alternative to contact lenses, in case the desert sand irritates your eyes