Visa support

Owadan Tourism is licensed to apply at the state visa authority for Letters of Invitation (LOI) for travelers requiring a Tourist Visa (for several border areas, additional border zone permission is required; these permissions are automatically applied for in conjunction with the general visa application). We process requests for applications as early as 8 weeks prior to your intended arrival in Turkmenistan, and up to as late as 4 weeks prior to your intended arrival. In order to process such applications, we will need to formally agree with you on your day-to-day travel plan, including your chosen modes of transport and type of accommodation. We will also need to receive the following information: 

  • Color scan of your original passport (full photo page, including bar code; clearly readable, no shiny or glossy sections)
  • Color scan of an original recent pass photo of yours
  • Your home address (of your permanent residence)
  • Your highest and/or last achieved educational degree, field of study, and name/city of educational institution
  • Your profession (your field of expertise for which you obtained a diploma, certificate or license)
  • Your occupation (job title/function)
Once we obtain the above information in the correct formats, our team will prepare and submit the LOI application. The duration of processing is variable and the result cannot be predicted by Owadan Tourism. Once the result of the application is issued, we will immediately notify you. We are able to scan and send the LOI to you by email. You will need to print it, and bring it with you to the place where you intend to pick up your Turkmenistan Tourist Visa: at a Turkmenistan Embassy abroad, on arrival at one of the land borders that offers visa services, or at Ashgabat International Airport.

Please note that Owadan Tourism does not offer visa support for people on a personal or medical trip, business or conference trip, media trip or official visit to Turkmenistan. People traveling to Turkmenistan with these purposes will need to contact a Turkmen Embassy abroad for advice on obtaining the appropriate Letter of Invitation. However, on receiving proof of having received the appropriate LOI, Owadan Tourism does offer other travel services, such as accommodation and transportation services.