Guided tours and local excursions

Due to the limited volume and detail of foreign-language information available about places to visit in Turkmenistan, both locally as well as abroad, Owadan Tourism employs its own guides. Various guides have been trained in various languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
Guides have been trained in particular on providing excursions in Ashgabat, Merw (UNESCO), Kunya Urgench (UNESCO) and Nissa (UNESCO), and the various cultural characteristics that are reflected in Turkmenistan today.

Owadan Tourism offers fully guided tours, which means that a guide can accompany travelers on an entire route, both on transfers from one location to another, as well as during site visits, where excursions are taking place. Alternatively, local guides can be requested selectively, for excursions in Ashgabat (for city tours and day trips from Ashgabat), Mary (for trips to Merw, Gonur Depe or Talkhatan Baba) or Dashoguz (for trips to Kunya Urgench and Yzmukshir) only.