Expatriates’ travel support: day trips and short breaks

Although expatriates based in Turkmenistan for work purposes do not require visa support, Owadan Tourism offers accommodation, transport and guide services to expatriates and their visiting friends or family, and can compose various day trip or short breaks to various destinations inside Turkmenistan, as well as to neighboring Uzbekistan. Programs included, but are not limited to, the following suggestions:

  • City tour Ashgabat
  • Day trip Ashgabat Surroundings
  • Day trip Kopetdag Mountains
  • Day trip Merw
  • Day trip Kunya Urgench
  • Day trip Caspian Sea
  • 2-day trip Merw and Gonur Depe
  • 2-day trip Darwaza (and Kunya Urgench)
  • 2-day trip Yangikala Canyons
  • 3-day trip Yangikala Canyons and Dehistan
  • 3-day trip Kugitang Mountains
Please note that several trips, such as those to Kunya Urgench and/or Kugitang Mountains are subject to availability of relevant border zone permissions. Such permissions have to be arranged for by the inviting party (employer) and cannot be facilitated by Owadan Tourism. For detailed information on the trip suggestions mentioned above, as well as additional possibilities, please contact us directly.