Accommodation and board

Owadan Tourism has contracts with a large number of hotels and motels in Turkmenistan. In Ashgabat and Awaza/Turkmenbashi we offer room reservations in hotels of various categories. In Mary, Dashoguz, Turkmenabad and Balkanabad hotel options do not yet offer diverse categories, and we make reservations in those hotels available. In Koyten (Kugitang) reservations can be made for stay in the local base lodge. Outside these locations, accommodation is restricted to camp arrangements or the occasional stay at a local pilgrim site.

We have our own camp accommodation gear, that includes a large number of trekking tents for single or double share use, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, pillows and tent lights. We also bring camp dining gear, such as floor carpet, plates, cups and cutlery and camp lighting. On request, camp tables and chairs can be provided, as well as camp latrine tents and camp shower tents.

In terms of meals, Owadan offers as a minimum Bed & Breakfast services, plus dinner services at those locations where no other form of dining is available. In practice, this means dinners are automatically served for overnight location where accommodation is either in tents, at a pilgrim site or in the base lodge in Kugitang. Picnic lunches are recommended on those route sections where no alternative dining services are available. Restaurant-based lunch and dinner services are optional.