Fixed departure tours

Owadan Tourism is the first agency in Turkmenistan to offer fixed departure tours. In 2014 these include one Navruz Special tour, 2 Ahalteke horse riding specials, and 3 jeep tours with 6 departures each. These tours have been composed upon repeated requests by individual travelers  in the past years. The jeep tours in particular are aimed to make unique areas in Turkmenistan accessible to travelers on various budgets, and allow for flexibility before and after the tour program, to reach Ashgabat from various directions and visit the city at your own pace. Jeep tours “west” (6-day tour) and “central” (4-day tour) can be combined with each other, and all three tours can be combined with travel through neighboring countries, such as Uzbekistan and/or Iran. Basically: tailor-made travel components can be added to the beginning or the end of these fixed departure tours. Please find detailed information on the fixed departure tours, dates and prices, in the section Fixed Departure Tours.