Lebap region

Bordering Dashoguz Region on the east, Lebap Region hosts the Amu Darya River’s flow through Turkmenistan and sees the start point of the 1500-kilometer long Karakum Canal. Traveling along the Amu Darya eastwards, fields of grain and cotton, as well as rice and fruits, dominate the landscape, until bumping into the foothills of the Kugitang Mountains at the far eastern tip of the country, where the long Turkmen-Uzbek border touches on Afghanistan. Along the riverine oases several remains of medieval monuments continue  to remind us of the importance of this route for trade caravans in the region. Today, Turkmenabad – the capital of the region, situated at the banks of the Amu Darya – remains a crucial transport hub, and offers an entry point into Uzbekistan, directly leading to Bukhara. Despite the long drive to the Kugitang Mountains, travelers visit this beautiful area out of interest in geology, bird watching, hiking, but of course also to see the famous Dinosaur Plateau.