Balkan region

Where the Kopetdag Mountains end, they flow into the lowlands, where medieval caravans traversed on their way from the Khorezmian cities in the north to Persian lands further south. The far south offers also today another entry point into Iran, whereas in the far north it allows access into Kazakhstan. In the end, the lowlands reach the Caspian Sea, where Turkmenbashi town is located, Turkmenistan’s port that offers connection to Baku in Azerbaijan. The nearby Awaza seaside area is the country’s biggest national tourist attraction and offers dozens of resorts to host both local and foreign travelers, looking for a moment of rest and a breath of fresh air. Balkanabad, the region’s capital, is located more inland, and equally often used as hub for trips into the spectacular volcanic landscapes and pre-historical coast formations, which are also dotted with local pilgrim sites, centered around graves of prominent local personalities. To fully appreciate this region, most travelers opt for using jeep travel and camp style accommodation.