Ahal region

Ashgabat is located in Ahal region, as well as the Kopetdag Mountains and the southern parts of the Karakum Desert. Traveling west takes you to mountain villages, a network of underground lakes and moon-like landscapes, where four-wheel drives are the mode of long-distance transportation, accommodation is in basic homestays or camp style, where (multiple-)day walking tours and birdwatchers visit. Traveling east takes you to sites that reflect the region’s importance during the medieval Silk Road period and human presence as early as the Bronze Age, where archeological teams are active in excavations. Serakhs provides another entry point into Iran. Traveling north takes you straight into the Karakum Desert, which makes it excellent terrain for jeep safaris, but also horse riding treks. The Tejen River and The Karakum Canal traverse the region and have provided the necessary irrigation for agricultural activity: driving along the foothills of the Kopetdag you will see fields of grain and cotton, vineyards, and fruit and vegetable plantations, as well as processing plants.