The national capital of Turkmenistan is flanked by the Kopetdag Mountains in the south and the Karakum Desert in the north. Ashgabat is not only a central transportation hub for travel to the various regions in the country as well as an entry point into Iran, but certainly justifies a visit in its own right: the white marble city, also known as “City of Love” hosts a variety of accommodation and dining options, the international and domestic airport and the central train station, but also beautiful museums, numerous parks and fountains, national monuments, the national hippodrome and various private Ahalteke stables and farms, the largest mosque in Central Asia, the largest weekend bazaar of Central Asia and of course the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nissa. Ashgabat is also the starting point for day trips into the surrounding mountain area. A visit of the city center by night gives the modern skylines a spectacular look.

Owadan Tourism | Turkmenistan Oguzkent Hotel

DescriptionOguzkent Hotel is a luxury hotel located on Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It is situated close to the administrative centre of the city, 20 minutes from the airport. Built in 2010 by Bouygues, it has 299 rooms

Owadan Tourism | Turkmenistan Wedding Palace

DescriptionThe Wedding Palace is a civil registry building in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It was constructed by Turkish company Polimeks. It was built in 2011, commissioned by the Government of Turkmenistan.