Discover Turkmenistan with Owadan Tourism

Welcome to the renewed website of Owadan Tourism. We are one of the oldest and largest agencies in existence in Turkmenistan: since 1996 we have been working continuously to improve, expand and innovate our services and make travel to Turkmenistan accessible for travelers with diverse interests, comfort requirements, time and budget limitations. In low season periods, our team travels through Turkmenistan in search of new exciting destinations, as well as stay on top of new developments in well-traveled parts of our country.

Our services are aimed at giving you the unique travel experience that you are looking for on your journey through Turkmenistan, ranging from short 3-day classical cultural tours to 15-day active and adventure journeys. You can opt for our fixed service package on one of our fixed departure tours, or compose a tailor-made program with the support of our team, that fits your particular interests.

Owadan Tourism is a licensed travel agency, able to facilitate tourist visa support (including your Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival), overland transport by car or jeep, domestic airline and train ticket bookings, hotel room reservations and camping arrangements, and guided tours or local excursions.

Selected services are also available for business travelers (MICE), for those travelers passing through Turkmenistan on a transit visa, for travelers on overland expeditions, and for the expatriate community in Turkmenistan, seeking authentic day trips or short breaks. Please feel free to contact us for personalized advice and travel proposals.

We ensure that our advice to you is as accurate and realistic as possible. We'll be proud to have you as our guest!

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